3-23-17:  The GS Tribute cd from 2010 is available now on download officially from Cd Baby. "This seventeen track cd features various artists from the USA, Canada, and Europe paying tribute to legendary underground cult hero Gideon Smith. As can be heard in this collection, Smith’s cult following reaches far and wide. From southern rock, to electronic dance music, black metal to punk, doom metal to death metal: the artists on this cd offer their own unique interpretations of the music of Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned. The cd includes an eight page booklet with liner notes by several writers and artwork by Khaos Art."


7-10-17:  New 'Featured Guest" Interviews are up now with famous musicians like Mark Duda, Rob Carlyle and Cindy Clark from Los Angeles group Earthsleep. Aaron Wall from Red Beard Wall and more will soon be joining us.

7-15-17:   Gideon has a new interview up on Crazy Mind website where he talks about side projects and upcoming new books. 

"North Carolina singer, author and spiritual seeker Gideon Smith is recognized for his bluesy seventies retro rock that has gathered worldwide acclaim. We caught up with the razor sharp zen master of the microphone to hear the latest news on his music and writing. Gideon has been immersed in doom metal, classic reggae and rap and gives us the inside on the new music."



7-28-17:   Gideon's doom metal band Cemetery Crows first ep "Wolves of Desire" has gathered excellent acclaim and interest in the last year. You can read reviews from Hellride Music and others on the page in the menu. A side project in the vein of Black Sabbath meets old school death metal vocals, gothic rock and blues, Cemetery Crows are super heavy. You can hear 2 songs on the Reverbnation page now.



7-29-17: We have some new Featured Guests including Isabelle Stephen, Matt Harrington of Cortez, Kyle Stratton of Atala and others.

11-13-17:  Today on Veterans Day we have a Featured Guest interview with Mark Binion of the band Thundering Herd. Check it out and keep up the rock.

12-4-17:  Tonight we have a Featured Guest interview with Circus of Power singer Alex Mitchell, check it out and their new album "Four."

1-10-18:  Happy New Year and wishing you a good one. Tonight we had a great talk with Parris Mayhew, the guitarist of Cro Mags fame and a very cool guy. His interview will be up in Featured Guest soon. Check it out and rock on.






Small Stone Recordings

GS Tribute Album

Cemetery Crows

C.Crows Gideon's side project doom metal, sludge, gothic blues band. You can check out a few songs from the early demo on the reverbnation page. Doom On.