JUNE 2015 - HAIL! We will update the website soon. If you are looking for Gideon's cds, please go to Small Stone Recordings website. There you will find the three full lengths "Southern Gentlemen", "South Side Of The Moon" and "30 Weight".  Thanks to everyone who keeps up with Gid and supports the music.  www.smallstone.com


NEWS: Oct. 11-   The brand new Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned album is out now on Small Stone Records. Entitled '30 Weight', the cd features eleven new songs. You can pick up your copy now at the label site (see link in the albums section). One new song has been posted in the audio section called "Black Fire". The cd will be officially released October 10th! Check sites like Amazon, All That's Heavy and more for distro. The cd is also now available for download on iTunes! 


NEWS: November 30th - Thank you to CILU 102.7 FM (Canada) and Jason 'Witchfinder General' Wellwood for the radio airplay! Today Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned's '30 Weight' album is number 2 in the top 50!

NEWS: December 8th - Big thanks to Bill and The Soda Shop for including the new album '30 Weight' in the top releases of 2011! The cd placed #3 in the top twenty. 

NEWS: December 9th - Many thanks to CILU 102.7FM, The Soda Shop, Grip Of Delusion Radio, Ripple Effect Radio and WMBR.881 FM Boston, and others for the airplay!

NEWS: December 28th- French webzine Temple Of Perdition has published a new interview with Gideon, see the interviews section now. Thanks to Stephane.

NEWS: December 30th- Thank you to The Ripple Effect for including '30 Weight' in their list of top releases of 2011! Thanks aswell to Jason Wellwood for including the new album in his top list of albums of the year on Witchfinder radio.

NEWS: January 5th - Thanks to Kat Shevill for the new interview on her blog 'A Blog In The Northern Sky' (UK). You can read it now in the interviews section. This is the full interview of which excerpts were featured in the 'Kat's Band of the Day' article in Terrorizer a few months ago.

NEWS: January 11th - A&E hit series Dog The Bounty Hunter featured the new Gideon Smith song 'Ride With Me' on the episode 'A Tender Trap'!  Thanks to A&E and Dog for supporting Gideon's music.

NEWS: Feb.12th-  Thanks to 106.5 The End and Divakar for the radio show airplay on tonight's show '90 Minutes'.

NEWS: Feb 25th - Thanks to Jan Kooper from Rock Dimensions for featuring Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned songs on his radio show ! www.dimension7.podomatic.com   Jan Kooper's 'Rock Dimensions' Episode 42.

NEWS: March 1st - Thank you to 313.inc blog for including '30 weight' on it's top albums of 2011 list! Thanks Scott.

NEWS: March 5th - From Witchfiner Radio and DJ Jason CILU..."Tonight! 10pm-1am tune in to Blowing Up The Lakehead on CILU 102.7fm in Thunder Bay, or worldwide on the web at http://www.luradio.ca/ for an interview with the legendary Gideon Smith, and the entire Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned album: 30 Weight!" - Thank you CILU

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NEWS: March 19th - Thanks to Chuck Eddy and Rhapsody.com for including '30 Weight' in his top 15 Metal Albums
article. You can read the review now in the reviews section or follow this link.
NEWS: May 11th-  Thanks to Noch and CROC underground metal for playing Gideon's song "Draggin' The River" on this Saturday's May 12th installment of the show. You can tune in at 7 PM EST on www.frankoradio.com (X-Rock Station) or www.radioquebec.biz. The installment will be uploaded on Podomatic on Sunday.
NEWS: MAY 18th- Gideon will be a guest on tonight's episode of the "Midnight Black Mass" Radio show with host the Rev.  ‎"Your friendly neighborhood Reverend crawls out of the crypt this late Friday/Early Saturday at 12:00 am EST for the eagerly awaited return of the Midnight Black Mass. Please welcome the "Wizard of Rock N Roll" himself, Gideon Smith of Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned in his long awaited return to the show. We'll be catching up with G man, and waxing on a variety of topics with one of the most popular guests in the history of the program.  This week's Muji Movie Minute will return to the horror genre to look at 2011's grindhouse love letter "Chillerama". We'll head back to Gotham City for TV Casualty and much more!"
NEWS: June 30th - Big thanks to Austrailan group, the heavy kings CRYPTIC SCORN for sending their cover of Gideon's song "Ride With Me", it is really great. Check out Cryptic Scorn and their original material.  Thank you to Gruesome Tunes Radio, Jake's Inferno Radio show, The Soda Shop podcast for the recent airplay. Thank you to everyone who has sent in photos wearing the GS/DD shirts. We send you much love, respect and appreciation.
 NEWS: July 19th- Thanks to Jan Kooper and his show Rock Dimensions for playing the Gideon Smith song 'Draggin' The River' on his new episode. 
NEWS: July 21st- BIG THANKS to Egg in Dorset, a friend and fan, who sent a photo today of his Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned tattoo! It looks fantastic and Gid is honored. Thanks Egg! Much respect and appreciation. We put up a photo in the 'friends and fans' section. You Rock Egg!
NEWS: Aug 3rd - Thanks to Debby Jennings for the featured article in the 'Night Sounds' Section of today's www. Heraldonline.com South Carolina newspaper for the show at Snug Harbor. http://www.heraldonline.com/2012/08/02/4160745/southern-style-rock-groups-come.html#storylink=misearch--
NEWS: Aug 4th- Gideon would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who reached out for his birthday, sending messages and posting facebook comments. "Thank you so very much. I am really touched and appreciate your kindness, care and well wishes more than anyone will ever know. Thanks for a great birthday. I'm very honored so many people took the time to wish me a happy birthday. You rock! Thank you. " - GID
NEWS: Aug 19th- We added some new photos to the 'friends and fans' section. Thanks to everyone who sends us photos wearing their shirts or GS stickers.
NEWS: In other cool news Gideon's song "Whiskey Devil" was used on the CW Channel on the programs '90210', 'Gossip Girl', 'One Tree Hill', 'Hart of Dixie', 'Ringer' and 'the Covenant'.
NEWS: Thanks to Aaron and The Sludgelord for the new interview

NEWS: JAN.27th - Crows N Bones website has a new interview with Gideon up now, thanks to CnB and Dimitris!